Deckible: The Digital Card Deck App Launches This Week With Let’s Talk Talent’s Career Coaching Cards

Our Career coaching card deck is going digital! 

We’re really excited that our Let’s Talk Talent’s – Career Coaching Deck is one of the first decks to go live in the Deckible library.

This is a new way to interact with our popular deck of career coaching cards which act as prompts for better career conversations.

Wait, hold on, what is Deckible?

Deckible is a brand new mobile app that allows you to take card decks with you on the move. It bills itself as the audible for decks. A marketplace for digital card decks. Tarot, coaching cards, games, flashcards and much much more. 

Find out more about Deckible on their website: 

Download Deckible on iPhone/iPad

Download Deckible on Android

Why we think Deckible is cool 

Actually Deckible truly builds upon card decks, as a digital experience. Cards are tactile, you can zoom in and out, move them around. Brilliant for coaching decks, games, and especially tarot readings.

Not only that, Deckible has the potential to disrupt traditional decks. Being a digital product you can break the physical limits of decks including allowing cards to have more than 2 sides, and creators are able to link to complimentary videos and webpages alongside cards. We think that artists could have a lot of fun with this new medium!

Our deck of coaching cards for instance has related blog posts that correspond to each card in our career coaching deck. 

Deckible also helps you journal your own notes and thoughts alongside the cards, which creates a way to use cards more proactively and over a longer period of time. What’s more, is it’s in your pocket, and not left at home on a shelf.

About Let’s Talk Talent’s Career Coaching Cards

Our Career Coaching Card Deck is a set of 52 questions as prompts for managers and individuals to have better career conversations. We use these cards as a way to look at different possibilities to develop your career. 

You can buy a physical set of our coaching cards here.

When does Deckible Launch

The app is launched on the 16th of September 2022 on iOS and Google Play Store.

Deckible is launching with over 500 creators and their decks.

Any card deck creator can upload their digital deck to Deckible now and be among the first to be published on Deckible. So if you have created a deck, it’s not too late to join! Head over to:

Who is behind Deckible?

Deckible founder Nick Kellet is a serial entrepreneur.  He was’s co-founder and helped grow it to a top 5k website (per Alexa rankings). thrived on a strategy of crowdsourcing, community, and digital technology. And here’s his new project. 

We’re really excited to see what Nick has in store for Deckible and how to make decks more digital.

Buy a physical set of our career coaching cards

Download Deckible – Buy our digital version of career coaching cards on Deckible.

We also used the card deck to create a year’s worth of blog posts to promote the deck itself. 52 cards, and there are 52 weeks in a year.

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