Our June digest of HR articles

Welcome to our June digest of HR articles that we feel are worth sharing with our community.

This month’s selection are primarily focused on learning and development and the future of work. Enjoy!

Portfolio careers and ‘side hustles’
(HR Magazine)

The Association of Independent Professionals and the Self-Employed (IPSE) recently found that 320,500 self-employed people now have two or more jobs Does this rise of the ‘slashie’ signal a more creative autonomous way of working, or are multiple jobs a sign that people are struggling to make ends meet? And how should employers respond?
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The 10 vital skills you will need for the future of work

Fast-paced technological innovations mean that most of us will soon share our workplaces with artificial intelligences and bots, so how can we stay ahead of the curve? This article on Linkedin recommends adopting a commitment to lifelong learning so you can acquire the skills you will need to succeed in the future workplace.
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Integrate learning into jobs, says L&D experts
(Personnel Today)

Learning will need to be better integrated into employees’ daily tasks, especially in busy environments, in order to develop the skills needed as workplaces become more automated, L&D experts have advised. With the World Economic Forum predicting that 54% of the global workforce will need to be reskilled by 2022 as more manual tasks become automated, employers need to dedicate extra resources to learning and development (L&D), delegates at the recent CIPD Festival of Work were told.
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Leadership and development in a digital era – why conversation is still key
(HRD Connect)

Whilst technology and the digital age is key to making a business work, maintaining conversations with your team has never been more important.
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Collaboration could be the key to employee satisfaction
(HRD Connect)

The future of work relies on employee experience and engagement. With talent expanding and expectations fluctuating, a challenge emerges for business and HR professionals to adapt to these changes.
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And finally…

Have you had chance to read our latest Let’s Talk Talent podcast? In this episode Jo answers a number of listener questions, including:

  • The impact of Brexit on the attraction and management of talent
  • What HR needs to focus on in the era of the gig economy and portfolio career
  • How HR can maintain their company’s culture amid a more virtual and disperse workforce
  • How organisations can build a pipeline of diverse future leaders

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