Our May digest of HR articles

Welcome to our May digest of HR articles that we feel are worth sharing with our community.

This month’s selection are primarily focused on creativity, onboarding and the future of work and learning. Enjoy!

The future of HR: from human resources to human revolutionaries
(HR Zone)

Artificial intelligence may be able to take on certain tasks in the workplace, but human soft skills will always be in demand – it’s up to us as HR professionals to champion and support them.
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Set the conditions for anyone on your team to be creative
(Harvard Business Review)

The secret to unlocking creativity is not to look for more creative people, but to unlock more creativity from the people who already work for you.
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7 ways to set-up a new hire for success
(Harvard Business Review)

How do you set your new hires up for success? This article by Harvard Business Review shares 7 ways to get your new recruits to hit the ground running.
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Combat L&D shortcomings with an employee-centric approach
(Chief Learning Officer)

We are seeing a fundamental shift in the L&D landscape with an employee-centric blended learning approach taking centre stage. This article by Chief Learning Officer magazine shares three employee-centric best practices CLOs should keep in mind when preparing their workforce to successfully meet ever-evolving market challenges.
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Future jobs will require the human touch
(Personnel Today)

Increased automation will allow employers to offer roles that require distinct “human sensibilities” and allow workers to be more creative, according to the government. Work and pensions secretary Amber Rudd said automation was “driving the decline of banal and repetitive tasks”, which would make way for jobs that value personal relationships, qualitative judgment and creativity as measures of success.
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And finally…

Have you had chance to read our latest Let’s Talk Talent podcast? In this episode we discuss the importance of building an Alumni network and share  some interesting examples of companies who have done a great job of building one, together with some advice on things to consider when building an alumni for the first time.. Click here to listen

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