Who do I admire? Who are my sources of inspiration?

Selecting the best bits out of people around you to better yourself and move forward

Suit: You outside the organisation

Thinking of people that inspire you doesn’t have to be about finding that one amazing, perfect person that embodies everything you want to be. Inspiration is everywhere, and people like friends, family and colleagues all bring something to the table.

Think of those around you and ask yourself what it is you admire about them. Do you like how organised your boss is, or how they manage to wear different hats without dropping the ball? Do you wish you had someone’s presence and leadership during meetings? Take the best bits from people all around you and use those to develop and build your own brand. A bit like pick and mix, only less diabetes-inducing. 

To do so, you’ll probably need to have a good think about your goals and ambitions and what you need to set in motion to reach them. You’ll also need to be fairly self-aware and in a position to identify your weaknesses or the skills you need to focus on the most. A bit like benchmarking. Understanding yourself and where you are starting from is the first step towards moving forward with your career progression.

But once you’re clear on the development areas you need to focus on, and who could help you learn and improve the most, there is only one thing to do: observe. Observing and listening will help you pick up on the traits, behaviours and attributes that you need to display to move forward with your career. 

And when thinking about people you admire, make sure you include diversity and actively seek out people who are a bit different to you. Adding various opinions and ways of thinking to your professional circle can only enrich your perspective and ensure you constantly learn and evolve. 

If you need a bit of help in getting to know yourself a bit better, there are lots of tools out there that can help. Our favorite at the moment is the UCAS Career Buzz Quiz; a quick online quiz that will reveal your professional profile through an animal match. Have fun! 

Career Coaching Cards: Explained

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Our deck of cards contain 52 questions that help guide better career conversations and connect more with the individuals you’re having these conversations with.

Each week we are releasing a question from our deck with a little more information about why we think this question is a good question and what you are looking to get out of it when you ask it.

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