Killing the Mid-Year Review; Having Great Performance Conversations All Year – Webinar

Webinar | June 6, 2024 9:00 am

When you’re in the thick of it and the work keeps coming, it’s incredibly easy to forget about Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and your career planning. This can leave you scrambling for topics and learnings by the time your mid-year review comes around. It’s time to ditch the mid-year review, and keep this ball rolling year-round!

Join us as we explain the benefits of building an active learning culture at your workplace, how you can encourage your colleagues to think about their CPD in even the busiest periods, and what you as a HR professional need to implement to enable this! We’ll also look at your role as a manager and HR professional in creating this culture, and how it can drive career empowerment, as well as consistent improvement and development.

This webinar is for:

  • HR professionals who want to move away from the traditional mid-year and annual review process, and encourage ongoing career conversations
  • Individuals working in fast-paced cultures who find it a challenge to collate their CPD in traditional review processes
  • Managers who want to learn tactics to inspire their team to take charge of year-round learning

You’ll learn:

  • Why careers need dedicated attention and refinement to keep them progressing in an agile environment, and how to move away from it being a tick-box exercise.
  • Tips and tactics for individuals so you can take charge of your own development
  • Real-life examples of how we inspired managers and HR teams to kill the mid-year review

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