Our January digest of HR articles

Welcome to our January digest of HR articles that we feel are worth sharing with our community.This month’s selection are primarily focused on the importance of performance management and how the process can be improved:Teams of teams: a new era for performance management (Personnel Today)Most organisations recognise that measuring performance is essential for making decisions around reward and staffing. But how can you use those findings to really improve the performance of individuals and teams? Click here to read the full articleWhat’s The leading cause of stress at work? Yep, you’ve guess it…  (Forbes)Anyone who’s spent time studying or thinking about management knows the importance of the core manager-employee relationship. It’s a difference maker. A good relationship with a manager makes a bad job bearable, but a bad relationship with a manager can make a good job a misery. So is it really a surprise that leaders and managers are the leading cause of stress for employees in the UK? Click here to read the full articleMost Employees Dread Performance Reviews. Here’s How to Make Them Fair, Useful, and Less Painful  (Inc)It’s that time of the year where performance reviews are the hot topic of conversation. For most companies the review process is confusing and unhelpful to both the manager and the direct report. This article explores some ways in which you can change that. Click here to read the full articleHR is becoming more and more stretched and impacting on employees  (HR Director)Organisations are not doing enough to help employees reach their full potential, is a prominent viewpoint to emerge from a national survey by Cascade HR. In a poll of 423 UK-wide HR professionals, they found the workforce does not have enough support to thrive, with a further 22% unsure if businesses could be doing more. Do you agree? Click here to the read the full articleLack of appreciation making staff want to leave  (Personnel Today)Poor relationships between manager and employee is the reason a quarter of the workforce will be seeking fresh opportunities in 2019 – How do you make your staff feel appreciated? Click here to read the full articleAnd finally, have you read our latest blog?New Year, New Philosophy – Throwing out the HR Rule Book in 2019It’s the time of year when we’re making new resolutions and setting goals for the year ahead. At Let’s Talk Talent (LTT) we are no different! This year we are determined to change our “old world HR rule book”. Part of this means thinking about performance management using our philosophy rather than as an HR process dictated by software systems or bonus structures! At LTT we’re moving the conversation from performance management to talent development so will you join us?! Click here to read our blog
If you’re an HRD and you’re interested in having a fresh discussion about performance as a philosophy, then please register for our HR Leaders roundtable on the 27th February.
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