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Bonus materials

At Let’s Talk Talent, we’re always creating new resources for HR professionals. Feel free to share these with your colleagues. We hope they are useful to you and your team.

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Before you start

Blank STAR map template

Download our blank STAR map template

Map out the skills, training, attributes, and relationships you will need in order to reach your 2023 objectives.

Monthly resources

January – Career Development

Career Planning whitepaper

Download our Career Planning whitepaper

Explore what you can do as an HR leader to drive important career conversations and get practical workshop tools and tips that you can start to use immediately.

Is the 70/20/10 model still relevant to learning and development?

Read about the 70/20/10 career development ratio

Is the 40 year old 70/20/10 model for Learning and Development (L&D) still relevant for the learning experience of the modern workforce?

Blank Career Lifeline template

Download our blank Career Lifeline template

One of our favourite career coaching exercises is the Career Lifeline exercise. It’s a great tool for managers to use to drive a great career conversation.

Watch “What is a career lifeline?” on YouTube

What is a career lifeline? And how do you use it? How do you get the best out of it in a career conversation? We’re going to show you how.

The Potential For What? Podcast Episode 3

Listen to The Potential For What? Podcast on Career Potential

You don’t want a zoo full of zebras: the importance of managers hiring and valuing diverse skillsets, with Heather Goodman & Martin Percival.

How to manage your career workshop

Check out our How to Manage Your Career workshop

Explore your career goals using 3 practical models, plus hints and tips for great future career conversations.

Career Planning Tools workshop

Check out our Career Planning Tools workshop

Hints, tips and three practical models to equip line managers as they support your people’s career goals.

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February – Wellbeing

Watch “5 ways managers can make your people unhappy” on YouTube

Do you want to understand how to make your people in your organisation unhappy? Here’s how.

Self-care tips for HR professionals over the summer break

Read our self-care and wellbeing tips for HR professionals

Even though this focuses on how to relax over the summer holidays, our team’s tips for how to look after yourself apply at any point in the year.

Effective Listening workshop

Check out our Effective Listening workshop

Practical ways to support your managers and leaders to establish the foundations of great leadership and become more agile and effective leaders.

Support your people with their Financial Wellbeing

Read our financial wellness advice to help with employee retention

What is financial wellbeing and how does it impact employees? How can organisations help their people with financial wellbeing?

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March – HR Strategy

Creating the perfect HR strategy - Let's Talk Talent whitepaper

Download our HR Strategy whitepaper

Designed to make it as simple as possible to make an impact on building or adding to your action plan. Take the sting out of designing a new HR strategy or taking a step back to refresh your current one.

HR Strategy checklist

Download our HR Strategy checklist

Designed to support you in developing your HR strategy. These simple prompts and questions are intended to help you develop a super simple, compelling strategy for your people.

Ultimate List of HR Metrics - Let's Talk Talent

Download and print out the Ultimate List of HR Metrics

We pulled together over 100 HR metrics. We find time and time again that businesses measure an awful lot, but don’t tell great stories with all that data.

Download our blank Triangle Model worksheet

If you’ve gone through our HR Strategy whitepaper, or our webinars, you might want to download a printable version of our Triangle Model.

How to write your HR strategy for 2023

Watch “How to write your HR strategy for 2023” on YouTube

How do you write your HR strategy for 2023? And what should be included?

6 trends to consider in your HR Strategy for 2023

Read our advice on 6 trends to include in your HR strategy in 2023

The top 6 priorities for HR departments in 2023, from specialist succession planning to blended L&D models adapted to the modern learner.

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April – Hybrid Working

Ultimate hybrid working checklist

Download the Ultimate hybrid working checklist for HR managers

Find out exactly how you can overcome challenges that hybrid working brings, and align the outcomes to your HR strategy and projects.

Download our top tips for hybrid meetings

A simple guide to the ways to ensure everyone feels like they belong in your hybrid teams and that they can contribute to the team in meetings.

LTT podcast Episode 7

Listen to the LTT Podcast on hybrid work modes

Where do your employees do their best work? We look at the approach to hybrid working with Robert Hicks and Catrin Lewis from Reward Gateway.

Creating a return to work plan that works for all employees

Read Reward Gateway’s advice on work modes and resources

Creating a return to work plan that works for all employees – tips from Reward Gateway’s own Work Modes Guide.

LTT Podcast Episode 8

Listen to the LTT Podcast on hybrid working

What can we learn from a remote-first business with over 10 years’ experience? Wendy Christie from The Social Enterprise discusses their approach to hybrid.

Hybrid, fully remote, or back to the office?

Read our advice on finding the right mix of work modes

Hybrid, fully remote, or back to the office? How to find the right mix for your business.

Hybrid Working Bootcamp

Check out our Hybrid Working Bootcamp

An innovative and simple approach to hybrid working, packed full of practical tips and tools that you can take back to your organisation and apply immediately.

Foundations of a Hybrid Workforce workshop

Check out our Foundations of a Hybrid Workforce workshop

Moving to a hybrid working environment can bring challenges but also many opportunities. This workshop will help you explore what working in this way will mean to you and how you can get the most from it.

Hybrid Working for Managers workshop

Check out our Hybrid Working for Managers workshop

Hybrid working brings with it additional complexity and managers will need to work a little harder to ensure that teams feel recognised, included, and are clear on what they need to deliver. This workshop covers how to do that.

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May – Team Development

The complete list of tools for team development

Download our guide to the best tools & techniques for team development

Discover a range of tools to facilitate team development, from assessments and surveys that can help diagnose team issues and identify areas for improvement, to team-building activities and games that can help boost team morale and collaboration.

Download our blank Job Profile Journal template

One of our favourite team development exercises is the Job Profile Journal exercise. It’s a great tool for managers to use to understand how their team operates and is particularly useful during the Forming stage.

LTT podcast episode 9 - The changing role of leaders in team development

Listen to the LTT Podcast on team development

What should you be looking out for as a leader to better support your people’s development? Lorraine Kelly from King’s College London joins us to discuss the changing role of leaders in team development.

Navigating the first stage of team development: Forming

Read our advice on navigating the first stage of team development: Forming

The key characteristics and challenges of the Forming stage of team development, as well as tips on how to navigate it successfully.

Getting out of the Storming phase of team development

Read our advice on getting out of the Storming phase of team development

Our take on Tuckman’s model of team development and how to handle the conflict that arises from the Storming phase.

How to move your team out of the Norming phase

Read our advice on how to move your team out of the Norming phase

How managers can help their teams fight complacency and become highly-performing units. How can you help your team move from Norming to Performing?

Reaching the performing stage of team development

Read our advice on reaching the Performing stage of team development

Has your team made it to the Performing stage of Tuckman’s team development model? Here’s how to help them stay on top of their game.

Leader of the Pack workshop - Let's Talk Talent

Check out our Leader of the Pack workshop

A highly engaging and interactive team development and leadership workshop that helps leaders to understand how to build a high-performing team, enhance communication, and develop the right mindset for success.

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June – Leadership & Management

Complete Guide to Supporting Managers in Your Organisation

Download our guide to supporting managers in your organisation

A practical checklist focussed on giving HRs like you practical advice and tools to further support managers in your organisation.

7 Ways Managers Can Generate Happiness in the Workplace

Download our guide to generating happiness in the workplace

A practical checklist of things managers can proactively do in the workplace to improve their teams’ motivation and happiness.

The importance of practising Inclusive Leadership

Read our advice on the importance of inclusive leadership

A look at Inclusive Leadership as a new leadership style. How to foster a leadership style that leads to purpose, fulfilment, and belonging.

Self-reflection exercise: What makes a good leader?

Read our quick 5-step exercise to help you improve your leadership skills

Discover the key traits of a good leader with our self-reflection exercise. Learn how to develop your leadership skills and inspire your team to success.

How do you prepare employees to become great managers?

Read our advice on preparing employees to become great managers

Our tips on how to prepare aspiring managers for leadership roles, and help them succeed in their new positions.

People Management Bootcamp

Check out our People Management Bootcamp

Establish the core essentials of people management and learn how to lead, motivate, and engage your team and, ultimately, drive business success.

Rebuilding Confidence through Change workshop

Check out our Rebuilding Confidence workshop

The world of work has changed, and continues to change. Learn how to navigate change with confidence. Develop resilience and adaptability skills to thrive in a changing environment.

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July – Succession Planning

Succession Planning whitepaper

Download our free Succession Planning whitepaper

Designed to help you as a HR leader to identify your future leaders, technical specialists and some practical ways you can develop the people in your organisation.

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August – Team Away Days

Resources coming soon

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September – Employee Value Proposition (EVP)

Resources coming soon

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October – Learning & Development (L&D)

Resources coming soon

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November – Performance Management

Resources coming soon

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December – Setting Up for 2024

Resources coming soon

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