Best Resources Roundup of 2023 – Let’s Talk Talent Edition

2023 has been a transformative year at Let’s Talk Talent. We’ve delivered a multitude of consultancy projects spanning a wide range of industries. And we’re delighted to be our clients’ trusted partner across a breadth of service areas.

As we grow up as a business, it’s been wonderful to be recognised by the wider industry too.

This year as a business we won 3 Awards:

But really this list is about you. And your FOMO. What have you been reading, watching and listening to that resonated most? What has everyone else been reading that you didn’t spot? Here are some of YOUR favourite bits of content we’ve made this year.

You might also be interested in our 2024 HR Trends article, where we review some of the top challenges we think HR is going to face in 2024.

Most listened to podcasts

  1. Building an Employee Value Proposition (EVP): How to build an EVP and why it’s important for attracting and retaining top talent – Let’s Talk Talent Podcast Episode 17 
  2. How to unlock your leadership potential: diversity, mentoring and growth as keys to unlock your potential with Hester Pooles – Let’s Talk Talent Podcast Episode 16
  3. Performance Management from an experienced leaders’ perspective – Let’s Talk Talent Podcast Episode 5
  4. How To Create a Coaching Culture – Let’s Talk Talent Podcast Episode 12 
  5. What makes great Organisational Design?

Most downloaded content in 2023

Our runaway success this year was our Awareness Days but as that did well in Google and went far wider than the HR industry we’ll focus here on the content we made for YOU. 

  1. HR Strategy Whitepaper
    Find out the Let’s Talk Talent process for putting together a HR strategy. Whether you have been asked to write a new HR strategy or update your current one this whitepaper will help you on your way to a strategy one-pager.
  2. Succession Planning Whitepaper
    Do you have the right people, with the right skills, doing the right things? Do you have more of those people on the bench? If you’re wondering what you can do to your business for the future. Then download our Succession Planning whitepaper to find out how you can do more.
  3. Onboarding Checklist  
    Your biggest investment is your people. So make the most of it when they join your organisation. Here’s our onboarding checklist to make the biggest impact you can.
  4. Competency Framework Whitepaper 
    Competency Frameworks are no longer the dusty things that live on shelves never being used until annual performance reviews. With a modern approach to competency frameworks, with a joined up approach we think you can improve career pathways, performance conversations and just about everything else.
  5. Performance Management Whitepaper 
    Is your performance management process an annual or only a formal process? Read our performance management whitepaper where we outline a new and modern approach to performance conversations.
  6. Learning & Development Strategy Whitepaper 
    Ever wondered about what should go into a winning L&D strategy? Download our L&D strategy whitepaper which outlines your recipe for success.
  7. The Ultimate list of HR metrics  
    We collated over 100 metrics and KPIs that you can measure as a HR professional. Whilst we don’t recommend you report to the board on them all – it’s good to be aware of what you can measure, and what impact you can show to the business.
  8. Career Pathways Examples & Our Career Mapping Process 
    This is one of our favourite documents. It showcases our approach to career pathways, and how we see that they should be joined up to competency frameworks. Not only that, we showcase what some of the outputs could look like in our branding and offer a case study into how career pathways have helped one of our clients.
  9. EVP Playbook  
    An EVP playbook which is based on our paid EVP Toolkit. Several of our clients truly value the paid version with additional consultancy. However if you’re just getting started and need some pointers the EVP playbook is a fantastic place to star.
  10. Career Planning Whitepaper
    One of our first whitepapers. How do you enable your people to empower their own careers? We too often as HRs end up focussing on what the organisation can do, or how to upskill our managers to have better career conversations (all important) but also think about how to support, encourage and empower your people to develop themselves.

Most read blog posts

Our blog grew massively this year. Over double the traffic from last year. Which is thanks to all of you coming and reading these resources. Here are the ten most read this year.

  1. Competency framework examples: which ones should you trust?
  2. Top 10 Performance Appraisal Mistakes Managers Make & Tips To Avoid Them
  3. The Ultimate list of HR Metrics – 100 Key Metrics to consider
  4. The Essential Building Blocks of Talent Management
  5. Top 10 worst activities for team building events
  6. Getting out of the storming phase of team development
  7. Employee Value Proposition (EVP) examples that work
  8. How to run a kickass corporate away day
  9. What should be in a new starter welcome pack? Employee Welcome Pack Must Haves
  10. The Complete List of Tools & Techniques for Team Development

Most watched YouTube videos

With 400+ subscribers, 14,500 views, our YouTube channel is still growing in 2023. It received over 35 days of time watched this year. And here’s what you’ve been watching.

  1. What is learning and development? (L&D)
  2. Here’s what needs to be in your L&D Strategy for 2023
  3. 5 trends we’ve seen in Employee Value Proposition (EVP Trends)
  4. How to write your HR strategy for 2023
  5. What is the difference between learning and development
  6. What is an Employee Value Proposition (EVP) & why is it important?
  7. How to run a kickass corporate away day for team building
  8. Why We Hate The 9 Box Grid For Talent Management & Succession Planning
  9. 5 team building activities for remote / hybrid teams
  10. How to get out of the storming phase of team development

Most attended webinars [Free Replays]

We don’t usually open up our webinar archive. But this is special. Watch our most popular webinars from this year on-demand over Christmas and New Year on our YouTube channel.

  1. How to Create an Incredible Onboarding Experience – Jan 2023 [Webinar Replay]
  2. How to Create a Kickass L&D Strategy [Webinar Replay]
  3. Time Management & Delegation [Webinar Replay]
  4. Building a courageous mindset [Webinar Replay]
  5. How your energy influences your leadership effectiveness, and team happiness [Webinar Replay]
  6. Understanding Self & Others [Webinar Replay]
  7. Giving & Receiving Feedback [Webinar Replay]
  8. 4 Pillars of Organisational Design [Webinar Replay]
  9. How mindfulness can help with wellbeing at work [Webinar Replay]
  10. How to get, keep and grow brilliant people with Competency Frameworks & Career Mapping [Webinar Replay]

So thanks again for taking part, and engaging with all of our free content.

Hope to see you next year. Sign up to some of our free webinars for HR professionals coming in Q1.

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