Virtual Career Sprints

Across four virtual sprints, delivered in two-week cycles, we’ve designed learning experiences to support and empower your people on their career journeys. Participants will gain greater self-awareness, learn how to leverage their networks, and open their minds to explore a variety of possible career paths.

By the end of the sprints, participants will become empowered, and able to take control, develop and navigate their careers through uncertainty and disruption. 

EVP Toolkit

Your Employer Value Proposition (EVP) is the heart, mind and soul of what it’s like to work for and be part of your organisation.

Our EVP Tool-Kit will walk you step-by-step along a pleasant path to creating your compelling and data-driven EVP.

The Tool-Kit includes helpful insights, tips, tricks and templates so you and your team can engage your organisation in communicating your cultural DNA to the world.

Create a compelling ‘why’ for change workshops

This practical webinar teaches managers and leaders how to create, define and communicate a compelling “Why” using four powerful techniques. The experiential session contains activities, practice and group discussion.

By the end of the session, participants will be able to plan their change initiative and the compelling reasons for it on a single page.

Coaching on Demand

Our Coach on Demand service supports your employees with easily accessible, flexible and virtual coaching sessions.

There’s no administration, no tie-ins and absolutely no hassle. Just affordable and effective development with Coach on Demand. 

Thriving in A Virtual World Webinar Series

Our World is changing, and as a result we are operating more and more in a virtual world. Our series of Virtual Experience Webinars enables your people  to thrive in this environment by enhancing their skills, confidence and knowledge in how to adapt & operate in an ever-changing working environment.

The series can be provided to your all employees or managers as one-off development or as part of a wider programme. 

Managing virtual teams

How to get the most out of your team when you are not physically with them. Moving from the basics to helping your team deliver and then thrive.

Coaching people remotely

Continue to improve performance through brilliant coaching and feedback. How to ensure your virtual environment supports continual coaching and enables quality feedback.

Running effective virtual meetings

Do not waste any more time. Run efficient and effective virtual meetings that keep people focused and productive

Having impact and influence virtually

Create presence through your virtual channels. Ensure that you are having the impact that you want, and that you are influencing where you need to.

Employee & Manager Change Workshops

How you react to change, organisationally, professionally and personally, takes thought, time and consistency. This series of workshops will help support you and your teams in the following areas:

  • Recognise the components that can make a change feel positive or negative
  • Recognise and manage the emotional response to change
  • Develop resilience in periods of change
  • Recognise what they can change, influence or accept during change processes, and develop skills to influence effectively

This workshop is for you if you are about to start a change programme, currently undergoing transformation or simply want to gain skills and confidence for yourself and for your team to support the impact change has personally and professionally.

Re-onboarding Virtual Workshops

This isn’t about creating you a new induction process. This is about creating a robust plan to bring your people back into your business, to nurture your talent, sustain engagement and ensure your future retention.